Rajjywood, Royal Film Industry in India

RAJJYWOOD's https://rajjywood.in is targeted to rajasthani film industry people.

Rajasthan Film Industry is struggling from last two decades. Rajasthan has become rental hub for other film industries, where outsider teams come, shoot & go. No credibility is being given to Rajasthan or it's Film Industry. Almost all the talents related to Rajasthan Film Industry, are struggling for their identity. Someone who have resources, are going to other Film Industry but most of talents in Rajasthan is becoming hopeless for their passion for entertainment industry. Rajjywood is finally coming at such a difficult edge where hope is becoming death wishes for most of theRajasthan Film Industry talents, who want to work here, in their homeland. It is starting from digital platform as first stage, where identity will be given to all of Rajasthan Film Industry talents as per their categories. Second stage will comprise with trainings, workshops, competitions, small to big projects, appreciations, awards etc.

Almost all of states are having their Film Industry identity like Bollywood, Tollywood, Dhollywood, Sandalwood, Pollywood etc. which identifies the state wise talents available locally or to other film industry. Rajasthan is missing the identity factor which is a long pending issue for all the Rajasthan Film Industry people.

RAJJYWOOD means Rajasthan Film Industry which will start their first and most awaited task i.e. identifying talents within state, arranging seminars, trainings, workshops, providing small to big projects to talents teams within state itself, which will be root to success for Rajasthan Film Industry.

RAJJYWOOD, the "rajjywood" family represents rajasthan film industry community, just like bollywood or hollywood announced their new https://rajjywood.in.

"If there is a problem in our house, it is "we", who have to solve it”
— Rajesh Meena, Founding Principal

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